SL15B Cinq

Got up, did not have enough sleep, and was grumbly all morning.  Did mom’s taxi magic schoolbus thang, and got back in time to realize I needed a nap.  Did more errands, then passed out in my bed for about two hours – I had tried for 3.

The first of my three sets was about to start when I got up.  Spitfire had held my avatar for 6 hours and was mentally exhausted from dealing with her real life, that she went to bed early, but not before giving me a pep talk I needed.  Holding my avatar was part of it.

At Boudiccea, (I can’t pronounce that name) Bryan was showing off his new mesh body.Snapshot9_134.png Naked men day, with women in gowns and roses… Yes, cute butt he has.

I popped over to where 4Play was hanging, and doing last minute things, and ran through the set list one last time with them, showing Lizz what I was doing to get them going and dancing.  At 6:30 pm, I went to the sound check zone, picked up my lanyard, and did my sound check and more.  I had also met 4Play’s owner, DJ Pulse and talked with him for a bit.  He couldn’t do this, because his software was mucking up.  I feel for the man.  If my software mucked up, I would be in tears.

I had picked a spot to allow 4play to have all of the stage floor to play with.  Away from them, where a soundperson would be from a dance troupe, at 7pm, I hit the music.  This was for them.  Maybe I should have been with them, but, I liked where I was.

David Lee Roth – Just Like Paradise
Shhh! DJ Mooncheeks ish Speaks – Who Do You Love

I found an instrumental version of “Who Do You Love” and am using it as one of my backgrounds for when I talk.

DJ Mooncheeks – Warning! 4play is so hot and steamy their dancers are on fire! call 911!

Spitfire has finally almost caught up with all the DJ drops she had promised me and made ones for all of my events I’m doing, especially the regular djing. This was also the “dance starts NAO” warning.

Trooper – Raise A Little Hell
Celine Dion – Ashes
Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling
Bachman Turner Overdrive – Taking care of business
Martha and the Vandellas – Dancing in the Street
Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall
DJ Mooncheeks – Warning! 4play is so hot and steamy their dancers are on fire! call 911!
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Mahna Mahna and The Two Snowths – Mah Na Mah Na
Alice Cooper – School’s Out
Aretha Franklin – Respect
Marianas Trench – Who Do You Love (Clean)

There’s a naughty word in this song that won’t pass the censors – sh*t.  So, clean version it is.

Scott Helman – PDA
The Guild – (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar
Shhh! DJ Mooncheeks ish Speaks – Who Do You Love

Lizz, the dance coordinator, had chosen all but two of the songs.  I gave her two to use when she found out I was Canadian too, and then her people also picked one last one when the one I gave them didn’t fit with the dances.
So, I stood, high on the bridge, as far from them as possible, cause this was for THEM, not me.  4play did awesome.  I came down from where I was during the last song, just before my voice over.  I got a few tips from the group and owner, probably would have gotten more if I had been on the floor with them, but, again, this was for them, not me.  Getting tipped was not what I was looking for.  Helping out a group that was down on their luck and would have to cancel through no fault of their own was more important.  The show must go on.

Once again, the stage crew was excellent.  The one who brought me out knew me from a previous set and worked great with me.  SLBCC, you did awesome.

From the Auditorium to YMO and my normal Friday set.  My voice was fried from lack of adequate sleep and just … I dunno… so I didn’t voice.

Something’s been eating at me.

Back at the end of May, I read about someone being mean and spiteful to me, essentially taunting me that THEY were offered a spot at SL15B and were expecting me to be rejected, and were essentially laughing at the perversity that I would even dare to assume I would get a spot.

What they didn’t know is two days before their post came out, I had already gotten my acceptance offer, and was waiting for my official letter to come in, so I could reply with the details that needed to put me into the calendar.  The process for everything was slow and tedious, but when you find out how many applied, you understand why – over 400 individual performers and groups applied and the SLBCC team had to sift through all the applications.  The taunt hurt me, but Spitfire was there as a shoulder to lean on, to keep me going and keep my chin up.

I was told by their scouts who were looking for performers that I would be a good asset to SL15B, and that I should go through official channels, and I did.  Not only were the people who spoke to me about everything sweet and dear about it, they were kind, considerate, and open to whatever it was I was willing to do.  I even offered to be a fill-in if needed.  Even if I only did one show, that would have been thrilling enough.  I ended up doing a lot more than just one show.

Out of over 400 individual performers and groups, I was one of the fortunate ones to get past the scrutiny and onto the main stages.  I was at the Auditorium or the SS Crystal, Stage left or the Serpent Stage, South Stage or the Crystal stage, and North Stage, as well as the Main Stage.  Five different stages and two repeats.  I was originally scheduled for one set, and I ended up with 7 all because I was polite, understood the drill after the first set, and let the handlers do what they needed to do to get me to where I needed to be, live, audible, and doing what I do best.  I did either 10 or 11 hours of djing in total for SL15B, all because I was flexible and willing to step up when asked.  My math isn’t that good about what all I did, 7 performances on the 5 stages for a minimum total of 10 hours, especially since a couple went a smidge overtime, even when they weren’t supposed to.

Some of the performers were no-shows, and I did a fill-in for them. Some were blank spots that never got my name added.  My name is on the schedules 3 times out of the 7 I did. I still don’t have my math right.  The last one, with 4Play, their name never got added to the schedule, and I’m not an official part of them, but I do hope they keep me in mind for a backup DJ in case Pulse can’t again.  Lizz and the rest were sweet and great to work with.

There were performers who were reacting badly about not getting the stream info and more the day or so before.  I wrote out a similar paragraph each time, telling them to trust the stage crews, this is what’s going to happen, and they (the stage crew) will make sure the performers look good.  One performer got into my inbox and thanked me for that information, and several of the crew also thanked me for helping calm frantic performers down.  The stage crew can only do so much at once, and I was thanked for the little bit of help I did too, as well as for being there to perform.

The irony of all this is that not only was the taunter not one of the SLBCC entertainers, but I didn’t hear anything about them doing anything for SL15B, which, I guess, is sad, really.  They are so full of hate and spite that they have to direct it at all those who they believe wronged them, instead of centering themself and repeating these mantras: the show must go on, and life goes on.  I was hoping to hear that they too performed and had a great time, but I haven’t heard anything.  I hope I’m wrong, and they did do something for SL15b, even if it wasn’t where I was.

I had a wonderful time.  I will be back for SL16B.  I not only have invites from several of the crew and management, but I’ve promised them I would be.

I now have 5 souvenir lanyards from SL15B’s stages.  I don’t think I’ll take any of them off for a while.

To the crew of SLBCC, you guys were wonderful and I would gladly do any event you will do.  Your people are professional, cool under pressure, know how to deal with a performer’s anxiety about getting on the stage, and more.  Keep up the good work!

Tomorrow, since it’s still technically Friday for me since I haven’t slept yet, I am doing a set at 9pm at a science fiction roleplay sim.  Sunday, I go back to my normal insanity.  I hope to do the rest of SL15B’s hunt tomorrow and finish it off on Sunday.  *crossed fingers*

I need to update Spitfire and go lose an argument with my pillow.

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