So, I got to the sim, and almost instantly, this cute as a button avatar, Violet, gets into my inbox, asking me what I need to perform. We do a sound check, a stream check and she tells me to stay live. Ghostly Kips, the DJ before me with his alpacas, was wonderful. His music was ear shattering good.

Then I got to the stage and the silly ball didn’t want to work.

So, I tried something else.

And finally I was on the ball just in time for my first voice over.

I started with:

Carly Rae Jepsen – Run Away With Me

Then I went straight to my voice over.  I use the Due South theme because of the fact that Canadian musicians can spend their entire careers trying to get into the US market, so it’s a bit of an in joke.  Carly Rae Jepsen is a hometown girl for me.  I may not have been born in BC, but it’s where I grew up.

Molson Canadian – Molson Canadian Anthem
Bryan Adams – Can’t Stop This Thing We Started
Susan Aglukark – Hina Na Ho (Celebration)
Trooper – Raise A Little Hell

Gotta love it when a beer commercial instills more patriotism than anything the Heritage Ministry has ever done.  In fact, the Heritage Ministry said that the commercial belongs to them now.
Bryan Adams, cause he’s got that sort of voice that makes people stand up and listen. Another hometown boy.
Susan Aglukark, from Nunavut.  Her voice, and her story telling, are par none. E186 tells of how the Inuit “lost” their names because the European ear can not hear their names, so, they gave them numbers to use instead of names.  Some Inuit keep the tags as points of pride and heritage.  Hina Na Ho, however, is a celebration song.
Trooper – Bring on the 1970’s hard rock.

Les Stroud – I Am Canadian
Stompin Tom Connors – All Canadian Girl
Michelle Wright – Nobody’s Girl
Stan Rogers – Northwest Passage
Blue Rodeo – Western Skies
Due South – Paul Gross – Ride Forever

Les Stroud – THE Survivorman.  Probably some of the best descriptions of Canada in his song.
Michelle Wright – Nobody’s Girl is kinda my theme song when I’m upset. I’ll post the lyrics some other time
Stompin’ Tom Connors – the scary thing is that I’ve done a lot of what he describes in his song.
Stan Roger’s Northwest passage brings me to tears.
Blue Rodeo – Had to do the western theme
From Due South – Ride Forever.  Makes me cry this one too.

Simple Plan – Jet Lag
Arrogant Worms – Log In to You
Marianas Trench – Pop 101 ft. Anami Vice
Scott Helman – PDA
Shania Twain – Up! (Green Version)

Simple Plan – picked this one cause of all of those on SL who have a love that is timezones away and you can barely get ten minutes together.
Arrogant Worms – Like I wasn’t going to play this one with the double entendres and puns.  I got a finger laughingly wagged at me over this one.
Marianas Trench – Pop 101 – I fell in love with this song when I was looking to do a set with songs about DJs.  I can’t stop listening to it.
Scott Helman – this is just a cute little ditty.  I think it’s an LGBTQIA song, but I could be wrong.
Shania was driving me nuts. I tried three versions of this song before it played.  Time to find where all my Shania have gone to.

Celine Dion – Ashes
The Guess Who – American Woman
Prairie Oyster – Canadian Sunrise
Corey Hart – Sunglasses At Night
Mitsou – Bye Bye Mon Cowboy

Ashes – from the new Deadpool 2 movie.
The Guess Who – I played this one and people went crazy.  Do Americans ever actually listen to the lyrics?
Prairie Oyster – this was a request.
Corey Hart – nice little pop song
Mitsou – had to have at least one Quebecquois song.

ByStarlight – Love Me Love Me
Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling
Josh Ramsay – We Should Be Friends
Matt Webb – Bad Girl
Barenaked Ladies – The Big Bang Theory Song

ByStarlight – I found these guys recently and am still exploring all their music
Justin Timberlake was a request and the only non-Canadian song
Josh Ramsay – Lead singer of Marianas Trench. This cute little song makes my heart melt
Matt Webb – Also from Marianas Trench
Barenaked Ladies – had to give a shout out to the TBBT fans

Buffy St. Marie – My Heart Soars
Kashtin – Harricana
Bachman Turner Overdrive – Taking care of business
The Tragically Hip – Three Pistols
The Payola$ – Dirty Water
Bedouin Soundclash – When the Night Feels My Song
Carly Rae Jepsen – Run Away With Me – Instrumental

Buffy – I wanted to show off the big drum (powwow drum), and this was the closest I could get to it.
Kashtin – This is almost a warrior’s cry song
BTO – Filler song… that’s pretty much why I picked it
Tragicaly Hip – Another filler song
Payola$ – “if i wash myself in your dirty water, will your religion make me clean?”
Bedouin Soundclash – I like using this as my finale cause of CBC Kids.  It’s their closer song.

I had a wonderful time. The staff at the event were On. The. Nose. about everything.  There was a griefer at one of the stages and they were on them faster than you could say “we have a griefer.”

I’m glad my set was early in the week too, cause they’ve had call outs for no shows already, which means I might have a second set with them. *crossed fingers*


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