The bad ones

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I was sitting at a discussion at one of the venues I more than enjoy, and they were discussing “collectors.”  I wasn’t really listening at the time, since it was in voice chat, and I was doing something else.  Spitfire showed up and snuggled into me.  She isn’t able to do many discussions, simply because she’s not on when most are going on, or one of us is DJing.

She got into my inbox and purred at me and I saw that she was going to make a comment on the topic at hand.

This is not verbatim – her BBC standard voice had me purring and I wanted to hear it, not necessarily the words, but her cadence, timber, and general sounds her voice makes, so I’m trying to remember exactly what she said.  We don’t do what domlypanties wanted me to do – stay on Skype with him 24/7, so hearing her voice not from the other side of a stream, and actually interacting with people in SL via voice, is a huge treat for me and makes me giddy every time she speaks.

(Imagine me, for a moment, me chirruping the word “film” back to Spitfire, but the way she says it – “filum, filum, filum, filum, filum…”  I love it when she says that!)

She spoke about her previous owner, forever known as Doodoohead, had been in a real life relationship with one of the girls he had collected.  She had ended up pregnant, and miscarried in a horrible way. Doodoohead had messed with her mind so much, that she is still trying to recover. Doodoohead had told her that she wasn’t serious enough in the relationship, so he left her for another.  This is a woman who nearly died for the sake of his child!

Doodoohead messed with Spitfire’s head and more.  I remember other things that Spitfire had told me about Doodoohead, and none of them are good.  Doodoohead was the type of dom that is very dangerous.  I’ve run into a couple of those myself.  They collect, and keep only to keep their wicks wet, not caring if they are actually hurting their sub.

The discussion continued, revolving around poly families, and more, and made me even happier that I have the group that Spitfire and I call family to fall back on.

There was a dom I was a part of his “family” when I came back to SL for less than a month.  He pushed buttons on me, got me to call him “daddy” when I had slipped into “little” mode, and more.  He was a collector, and he got into your head.

Back in 2008, he had this one girl, and she was a darling, who had his pixel twins, and, I don’t know what he did, but he roared at all his other girls – this was when he had a huge harem, and told us all to block her.  I wasn’t really one of his girls then, but I wasn’t not.  Does that make sense?  I decided to keep her as a friend.

Irony, no one cared that I hadn’t logged in in months when I left in 2008…

When I came back in 2014, he “welcomed” me into his household, and gave me a house collar.  During and outing, I still don’t know why he did it, but he left me and another of his girls, both sitting in nadu at the House of V, and we were unable to teleport and more.  He left us and logged.

Even now, I can’t go to the House of V without an anxiety attack.  I ran wild that night, and by the next night, he not only barred me from his house, he threatened to track me throughout SL wherever I was, and ruin me.  He found me once.  One of his found me another time, but I think she too had been banished from him by then.  He hasn’t found me since.

I was thinking about him during the discussion, and shook him from my memories.  He’s not trying to ruin me anymore. I doubt I even register on his radar.

Spitfire had a good day today.  She started to nibble my ear and more when we were dancing.  Maybe her day was not so good when she had to caretake for her father, but I think it ended well for her.  I could feel a subdrop start up too.

More? Please?

I was only able to do a fraction of my Whip set today, so I ended early, and laid down for hours, but sleep was impossible.  My stomach was so upset, I decided to get up, run a couple of loads of laundry, and work on this post.

Spitfire logged in. ^.^ Time for me to go spend time with her.  Awien cuddles best cuddles.


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