Chaos is the new normal

Things are a little chaotic at the moment.  End of the school year for the rug rats will start in about 2 weeks, so I have to get teacher presents up and ready.  I’m thinking “Shine Where You Love” mini blackboards for all of them.

Spitfire is reeling.  Work has dumped stuff on her head and she doesn’t have time for me at the moment, like she would like to.  This is actually a good thing.  She gets to shine where she loves with what she does for work, and be proud of it.

It means I get to art or make for the next two weeks.

Got hired by another club.  So far, it’s just starting up, but the GM is a friend of mine.  I’ve also got sets at other places, and now 2 Whip sets a week.  For the next 20 days, my schedule is filling up nicely.  Just enough to keep me busy, not so much to frustrate me with being overworked.

Why are things so messy?  Because there was a teenager locally who has devestated their parents and friends, and friends of friends.  There’s been rumors of copycats too.  Those poor parents, and the poor kids.

This is gonna be my rant about the lack of mental health resources where I live, especially for kids.  The only way to get mental health care here is to attempt to suicide or be diagnosed with one of the diagnoses that they will treat.  The mental health clubhouse where people can go and hang? It’s filthy.

My next Whip set is going to be dedicated to those little lost souls who, even though it may not get easier, or better, you learn how to cope better as you grow up.

As for DJ sets… I found it humorous that the GM of one place is host at another place, and both places want me for the same time, on the same day, for the same special event, and them as well, cause they’re an awesome host and can keep up with my music.

I have some special evens planned, and I’m happy.  Spitfire is all for them, and is looking at DJ drops and more for me.


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