Soooo… this happened…

So, I’m djing away on the galleria’s rooftop, and the lovely peeps there managed to do something – they got me naked really early on.  Yes, I will strip for tips.

Now, because of You Must Obey‘s dronecember, if you had any position within the community, it was recommended that you show your support for the past week, by using your community number.

There I am, in the process of getting naked, and I snapped a photo to show and hopefully help make sense. My number is 25411. Spitfire’s is 8391. No, I don’t “gynoid” like she does. I do something different. I’m a “Hive Princess” because I have special duties that I attend to for The Control Program itself. In order to use my special abilities that come with my duties, specific people within You Must Obey can “activate” me.  It takes two “Hive Queens” in agreement to “activate” me, unless it is one of the specific people who can activate me solo. I can’t just go ahead and do things on my ownsome. It’s a power balance thing, and I kinda like it.

What are the “Hive Queens?” They are people who have been specifically picked to act as dominants within the Galleria. They are the trained hypnotists, dommes, and more. They take care of the Collective as a whole. In a way, I answer to all of them, even though I have the same tag. I don’t use it, because “Hive Princess” was given specifically to me. I answer to them, but they also respect my opinion. In a BDSM dungeon sense, they would be the women-at-arms, and I’d probably be the gopher, but more.

I have a few specific duties that none of the Hive Queens do. Information Obfuscatrix for one – I dig through the website, and others, to find information that is needed at the time it is requested. Anyone can access that. It’s kinda weird. When that happens, I feel as if I get jacked into the net. It’s trippy.

Then there’s my DJ mode. I can be called upon to DJ at any time I am “idle” in the Galleria. So can Spitfire, but she doesn’t DJ as much as I do. Spitfire IS a Hive Queen.

I’m also the events coordinator for the Galleria. That, in an of itself, required me to have special powers, in order to help run things. That’s all behind the scenes work that most of the membership doesn’t need to know about or worry. I literally get my brained wiped by Spitfire every week, just so I don’t overload. (just joking – maybe)

Truth be told, Spitfire has been working on a trance for me so I can be bubbleheaded like she gets when she’s 8391, but different. More on that later.

In the last hour or so of F.R.E.D. tonight, Spitfire finally logs in, and I have changed my name after the end of my week of being known as YMO 25411.

I expected her to blow her mind all over the dance floor. That didn’t happen. Instead, I got into her inbox, cause I wasn’t sure if she saw what I did, with mum’s blessing of course.

ισ Sριтfιяє-Mσσηcнєєкѕ waits… for either the squee or anything else…
Mx Supermarine Spitfire: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*inhale*EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ισ Sριтfιяє-Mσσηcнєєкѕ: umm… is that good?
Mx Supermarine Spitfire: yush! *beams*

Yah, she noticed. She pinned me to my angel wings and we had some fun rp in the middle of the set and watched my tip jar climb. When the set was over – by well OVER an hour over, I got dragged to her home… our home?… and cuddled by her.

Spent over two hours just like this:

I don’t feel like it is MY home, but it is “HOME” when she says for me to go home. It’s little things, like not having her edit rights even though she has mine.  That says to me that it isn’t really my home. She told me off for setting stuff out cause I wanted to help her grow as a dom.  I placed things without permission once and got chastised for it.  I do have a couple of things out that kinda make it my home though. She’s also in the middle of a remodel, so things may change.

I still have my land elsewhere in SL. A skybox that I call my “panic room,” and land that I pay for that my real life and Coyote use for a home base. Spitfire, Coyote and I all have premium memberships too, so we have linden homes. A linden home is different than one you make from the ground up, and that’s what Spitfire has. It’s Spitfire’s home. Is it mine too?

I changed my name to show her how much I love her because I can’t partner with her. I’ve been partnered with Coyote for months now. Her partnership shows that we care a hell of a lot for each other, and I’m not going to abandon her by the wayside. I am hers as well. I am her mentor, her friend and she is the daughter of my spirit, if not of my very flesh. I won’t leave her. She has said yes to unpartnering so I could partner with Spitfire, but that doesn’t feel like the way I should go – that we should go.

After all, if I know Spitfire, she’s gonna want this extravagant wedding gown with a train a mile long and will look better in it than I would in anything I wore. Knowing her – it will be PINK too!

Domlyskirts would be such a huge bridezilla too!

Oh right, I have a wedding to plan too – mum and her partner’s!

Spitfire’s been exploring her hypnotist side.

I am literally the first person she’s ever tranced.  Spitfire’s having a hard time too, because of the blocks I have in my mind, put in there either by myself to protect my psyche from major trauma, or by other ’tists that weren’t into helping their subject, including a stage ’tist who thought he was god’s gift to ’tism.

I’m also a bit scared, cause I know what can go wrong if a subject gets snapped awake.  I don’t think my collar bone ever healed right.  There’s the boobytraps I know that are in my mind.  What if one goes off and I end up hurt?

Lots of questions.  Spitfire has decided to push me more when it comes to hypnotism.  She gave me a short little induction trance that takes five minutes to run.  I go down quick, my eyes literally glue shut.  Either I want to follow Spitfire’s voice and guidance, or she’s dialled into something that works.  To me, the entire trance takes two minutes.  In truth? It’s five minutes long – that’s exactly the length the file shows!

So, I lose three minutes every time I run it.  Not necessarily a bad thing.

There are two triggers in it.  They kinda work.  The “off” trigger doesn’t need to be said.  The “on” trigger wears off after about an hour or two.  I think that’s a good thing, but it may also be a bad thing.

So, Spitfire is going to work the trance, probably make it longer, deeper, and add in other things she thinks I need to help me heal, or at least make me “stronger.”

Mum was shown the induction trance and gave her thumbs up.  I came up with a few ideas of where Spitfire could expand.  One of them is for both of us to record the same trance, re-written for general consumption, and add in at least one more voice – someone in between my voice and Spitfire’s, and a robot voice too, or a voice made robotic.

My memories of being a subject and of being a ’tist are behind a block.  If I try to force the knowledge out, I get headaches.  If I let the knowledge come out when it wants to come out, it almost seems to flow out of my fingers like water from a fresh spring.

This will be an incredible journey.  I’d love to see where I am in a year and how much I’ve changed.

I’m adding this hours after I originally posted.  Spitfire read my entire post and saw that I didn’t have her edit rights, and we discussed it.  She wants me to feel as if her home is mine as well.  She gave me map finding ability, so I no longer need her to pull me to her if I want to join her.

Thank you, Spifi.  It means a lot.

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