3 Characteristics of my Ideal Dominant or A task done wrong, and very right.

Originally posted in September on another site that doesn’t keep dates of when things were posted. Playing catch up.  Edited for privacy

Domlyskirts said: “Ok, assignment. This is actually one that (head of family) puts out as a Daily Command from time to time. Describe three characteristics of your ideal dom/me.”


3 characteristics? I have to find three characteristics?

I can’t decide on just three.

The number one is forgiveness. In doing my first task, I may have screwed up royally.

(Redacted for privacy – I did a bad thing while trying to do a good thing, and I’m very very sorry.)

So, characteristic number 1: forgiveness.

Characteristic number 2: arms.

If you think this is a description of “strong muscular arms,” you’re wrong.

I want arms that willingly let me jump into them. Arms that are always there to hold me. To hold me back from violence. To hold me close when I cry. To hold me down when I’m thinking about self harm. To keep me from cavorting and spending all my lindens. To keep me safe and protected.

Those arms had better be very strong.

Characteristic number 3: a lap

I need a dominant with a lap. One to crawl onto and sit. To wiggle upon and squeal the way I squeal best. To rest my weary head and forget about the world. Even to be laid across and shown the error of my ways in a loving, corrective fashion.

After all, a dominant that stands around all the time is bound to get tired feet.

Characteristic number 4: hands

I need a dominant with open hands. A dominant willing to accept any gifts I give them. A dominant with hands willing to inflict discipline when needed. A dominant with hands that can show me how to do things better. A dominant who uses their hands and can play my body like a fiddle, or my mind like a favorite erotica novel with their texts. A hand held out to me to help me back up when I stumble and fall.

Without hands, how does a dominant expect to hold on to their submissive?

Characteristic number 5: clever mind

I need a dominant that can keep me on their toes as much as I enjoy keep them on theirs. A dominant that can challenge me to rise above and beyond what is expected of a generic submissive. A dominant with wit and humour, wisdom and even verbal sparring with puns. A dominant with a mind that can soothe mine when it’s in turmoil.

Characteristic number 6: a voice

It doesn’t really matter if the voice is male or female, but the voice that speaks to me has to make me want to submit to them. If I hear their actual voice, there has to be an undertone that soothes and calms me. It can’t always be “gruff male voice” or “bubbly sweet female” or something neutral genetically. It has to be a good voice.

Characteristic number 7: dependable

If my dominant isn’t dependable, why should they have me as their sub? If I do these tasks, as set forward by them, and don’t even get any time with my dominant, why should I be theirs? If they expect me to let them know that I am going to go to bed at a certain time, and to let them know that I am up at another time, if they don’t respond to my “I’m awake!” message, why should I bother telling them I’m awake, or have gone to bed? I want a dominant who, when I look for them, I find them. I want a dominant who cares if I am alive or not. I don’t even want to left wondering if they’re alive, ever again. It almost killed me.

Characteristic number 8: love

I want a dominant who loves me. I don’t want a dominant who loves the herd of women who fawn over them, I want one who loves me for me. I want a dominant who says they love me, even if I find it extraordinarily hard to say it back. I want a dominant who understands that my cup where their dominance is kept in my mind has been empty for so long, it’s going to take a long long time to refill it so that I don’t need them as desperately as I do. I want a dominant to love me and understand that I’m broken and need, not so much fixing, as repairs – strengths and skills to keep me going, so that when they finally do leave me, they know I can carry on without them, cause everyone leaves sooner or later.

Those are a few of the qualities I want in a dominant. I don’t know if I can ever find one like that if I lose Domlyskirts cause I made a huge mistake.

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