Continuing On

I had two job interviews this week.  One has gotten back to me, and they went with someone else.  That’s fine. I couldn’t afford to buy the clothing they would want me to wear in their job.  The other one is a union job, and the second interviewer’s eyes went wide with my tickets as I pulled them out, even arguing with me that one was out of date because they changed the format several years ago.  I had to point out that I took the course within the last month and a half, so I had the updated version, and I summed it up in one phrase: read the manual before you play with the chemicals!  My forklift training is an asset for that one.  It means that he doesn’t have to start from scratch to train me.  My OFA is also a good one to have – they need certified attendants on the job for WorkSafe rules.

I think I have a good chance with that one.  I caught something that none of their other interviewees caught.  “If a little old lady came up to you with slurred speech and more, would you sell her alcohol?”  “Depends – is she one of our regulars? If so, did she have a stroke at one time and she now permanently slurrs?”  We then went into a discussion about medical issues that can mimic drunkedness, and how some medicines are contraindicated with drinking.  None of their other interviewees caught that the person buying alcohol could actually NOT be drunk, but could have an issue that mimics it.

Then they told me that they reinburse for stuff like steel toed shoes.  I had to repeat several times that I’m sponsored for stuff like that, and more.  Essentially, if I’m hired today, I could request a clothing allowance for work appropriate clothing, including, and not limited to, steel toed boots for workplaces that require them, and my sponsorship would pay for it.  They have told me where I would go to get stuff on their account and it would be done.

Apparently, my numbers are good on Sundays, even though Black Ort isn’t doing his talk show.  He’s recovering from his time in the hospital.

We had our staff meeting on Wednesday and I gotta get ahold of the big boss for his reference information, because I can use the Whip as a job reference and more.  Yes, it’s volunteer, but the ongoing training I am getting in order to be a better broadcaster is continuous.  $2000 for a new rig, and the software I need, would go a long way to making me excel at what I do and love.

Hmm… can I get a grant?

I love driving. I love making people smile when I bring them their goods, but the cost of gas has gone up 15 cents and it’s at the breaking point for whether or not I should continue to drive.  It doesn’t help that I’m not making minimum wage in the deliveries themselves.  I need 500 delivers to make “debit driver.”  I think that’s a crock, but… meh…  I could go and get a criminal record check, or get bonded.  Why do I have to do 500 deliveries before I can be a debit driver?  The one day I was doing debit cause of an accident with the customer, I ended up making more than miminum wage for the hours I had the debit machine.

IMO, they should have all their drivers be debit drivers after 100 deliveries.

With tips, when I get them, I do make more than minimum wage.

The fun part is that the bag they give me to use really needs a workover to fix it.  It doesn’t close properly and I have to use two hands to keep it under control.  So, I use two other bags for hot and cold stuff, and leave that one for the large pizzas I deliver.  The restaurants I go to like that I have the other two bags.  So do the customers.  I also have a basket I use to keep things from rolling around as I drive like a bat out out of hell.  I use it to carry stuff so that neighbours can’t spread rumours about what I’m bringing.  It’s just a delivery.

Do you know how many times those bags I have and the baskets – I actually have several – have almost walked away on me? Yup.  I’ve had to go chasing after them.

I have to get to 500.  Then I’ll be a _real_ delivery person. *eyeroll*


I had my biopsy yesterday, after over a month of waiting and having to move an overbooked appointment twice. My leg does not want to be touched by anything, not even the bandage. It is confirmed that I have panniculitis. The question now is “what sort of panniculitis is it?” It can be anything from a simple cure with a very strong antibiotic and time, to something that requires chemotherapy. Yes, there are diseases out there that can be treated with chemotherapy and are NOT cancer, but that has not been ruled out yet. At least two genetic diseases have been – A B vitamin deficiency, and a genetic disease that affects the lungs and other organs. those two have been ruled out. Once the results are back in two weeks, I’ll know what sort of treatment plan is ahead of me. I’m hoping for the antibiotics, not the chemotherapy. I’ve got some sort of systemic inflammation, and the panniculitis could be a symptom of that as well. 

Right now… my leg hurts. The biopsy site was also the spot where the worst of my panniculitis manifests. After the doc dug around to get the entire sample he wanted, I ended up with several stitches. I came home, realized I really shouldn’t drive for the rest of the day, and passed out on the easy chair. I’m still exhausted and tired and could sleep for a lot longer if I wanted to. I’m still loosing weight. Down another 2kg if not more. I hope it’s because I finally have permission to be active, instead of a symptom of whichever version of panniculitis I have. Either way, I will carry on. Nothing’s gonna stop me. I’ve got funding for training and more.

Two weeks to find out my course of treatment.

Two weeks.

“You’re sounding so much better since you left him,” said by my manager.

If she only knew all the changes that have happened, and the one courageaous thing I did.  I have energy to spare at times.  Probably because I’m no longer feeling oppressed and more, and counseling for me is being arranged.

I’m also bullet journaling and more.  I got given permission in exploring bullet journals to actually journal, and write my thoughts out and more.  My first one is nearly full, so, even if I don’t finish it, I am going to start my second one for November 1st.

Actually, I kinda like the idea of having one a month, so I have room to rant and ramble when I do start journaling again.

I had more training this week too.  I have two Naloxone kits with me now, and in the training to use one, I sliced my thumb open.  With the legalization of marijuana, and all the other things that are out and about, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Until legal dispenseries are there, the black market is still the only thing we have.

This weekend, after my shift on Saturday, I plan on celebrating the first solitude I will have had in almost 20 years by binge watching something, falling asleep in the easy chair, and not caring what anyone else thinks.


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