Court Day 1

Yesterday could have been one of the worst days of my life.

I’m going to consider it a pass.

I had to go to court.

I had to face my husband, who sat there with a grin when I got told off by a judge when I tried to speak.  I have the right to be heard, maybe not right then, but I will be heard.

No.  Yesterday is a pass.  Yesterday was not a win.  But it wasn’t a loss either.

Finding documents with his name on it, showing that he’s legally responsible for something he’s refusing to share the burden – priceless.

Next court date – January.

Let’s see when he demands visits next.  This weekend would have been a good idea, but like everything else, it’s at his convenience, not mine
He has gotten three months off from having to support the children.  November 1st, maybe he’ll start paying ordered child support.

I’m not holding my breath.

My panniculitis is getting worse.  The one spot on one of my legs is getting really bad and hurty. I can’t stand having anything clothy touching it, especially strokes across it.  I have to wear a bandage on my leg when I work, cause it’s that bad.  It’s starting to ooze too, so I have to watch it for infection.


One more week to biopsy.  Oi vey.

Another certificate.  Finally, after years and years and years and years, I’m at least adult certified CPR.  I have the theory for infants and children. I’m AED certified too, which is ironically stupid simple. You follow the verbal prompts from the machine.

I got a 95% on that test, but I had kept on going, answering more than what we had covered. and was well into the 90% with the other parts I did too.  I’m thinking of going for OFA 2 or 3.  I might not end up being a paramedic, but having the knowlege could get me a job at the hospital, or somewhere where they are required to have OFAs on site just in case.

More job training tomorrow.  More this.  More that.

And a nasty letter from the landlords to deal with too.

Next shift in about 2 hrs.  I have to be on the road in 90 minutes.

I also did something today I should have done years ago.  Anxiety attack 5000, but now I’m calmer for the doing.

Spitfire, bless her overflowing heart, has been keeping me going.  So has Astarta and Rei, and others, even mum in fits and starts.

I’ve even started to write erotica again.  No, not for public consumption, at least, not yet.  If I can get rid of the erotica and just write a story, I think my story would have market.  Then again, if I keep it erotic, gently erotic, it might sell in the erotica markets.  If I could write three or four stories and get a residual income set up from them, that would be good.  I have stories to write.  I’m just unsure if I can go from chapter 1 to chapter done.

Tomorrow: skills testing. I will be employed in a job I shine at.

Whoops. I checked my bullet journal.  Yes, I am bullet journally now.  Not just bullet journalling, but mental mind dumps and more.  Tomorrow (Friday) is Job Fair!  And I plan to be there with my resumes, my certificates, and bells on.

Next Friday is skills testing.

Now, I will await the other shoe to drop, and the screaming to begin.

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