I need to post a quick something.  A lady in my life has passed on.  She fought addiction for years, and you wouldn’t have known it.  She was bright, bubbly, and I loved her.  May she find the peace she sought so hard to find.

Once again, that woman attacks me.

It doesn’t matter what she’s spewing.  She can go ahead and keep on attacking me.  It doesn’t hurt me.  If anything, I’ve ended up laughing at her antics.

Every time she does try to attack me, it backfires.  The more bile and worse she spews, the more it turns into good for me.  All I do is copy her blog and file it for my lawyer for later.  Thank you so much for all that evidence.  I guess she expected me to be curled up in a corner, bawling my eyes out. That hasn’t happened.

Why are good things happening?  I dunno, but ever since she started trying to hurt me, good things come my way.  Might not be a big thing, but somehow, her hate becomes love.  The more hate she spews, the more love I get.

So, she can keep on spewing hate.  She can keep him too.  Being free from his daily presence, I’ve blossomed.  Some who are not as strong as I may have panicked and become a wallflower and wilted in the darkness, but the opposite has happened.  I am free of him.

It might be dark for me at the moment, but I can see a potentially brilliant new dawn lighting my day.  Even if what I have tried to reach for doesn’t pan out, there’s job training and more down the line.  I am reaching for the moon.  If I miss, I’ll still be in the stars.

My world has silver linings all over it, and I would have never seen them until I was freed from his direct influence.  I really should thank her.  After all, if she hadn’t done what she did, and collared my real life husband with neither my permission nor blessing, nor knowledge, I wouldn’t have realized how much better it was to be free.

So, thank you for all the new love you bring into my life by spewing hate.

Spitfire and the rest of those who have supported me without question, thank you.  Your love for me means so much.

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