Letter to the wannabe

Published originally on Fetlife after a fun little bit of interaction between an “I know everything” and me because she wanted special snowflake status.

Letter To The Wannabe Twat

One of the other mods banned this woman from the group I essentially admin when hims isn’t around. So I write her a short little blurb as to why she’s been ejected and her thread deleted (cause I go through the group and delete threads that are closed by the other two mods).

Me: You have been ejected and your thread deleted because you ignored the rule about no ads
PC: Aww you hate people in an actual ds poor you
Me: Oh, look…. a special snowflake that things she can get around the rules of the group when it specifically says NO ADS of any sort. If you only knew what “actual ds” was, you’d apologize for making such a huge glaring error instead of being a twat about it.
PC: Says the wanna be who just post sl pictures and pretends what ds is… get out ya soap box sweetie

And that’s when she blocked me.

Hmm… I’m the wannabe when she couldn’t even handle a conversation with me? I was planning on replying to her that the pictures from SL are what both hims and I have consented to sharing. It’s how we can “touch” each other. She obviously didn’t go deep enough into my pics either, where she would have found my real life collar (locking!) and more. I made a profile pic for Hims where he is looking at me while we are talking to each other. If you look closely at it, you’ll notice that his eyes are bright and reflective – reflecting what he sees on the screen — Me!

I don’t need to justify my life to some childish twat who dares to say that I’m a wannabe. I’ve sported flogging marks that stayed for weeks cause of how deep the bruise was and every time it was touched for the first week, I would fly again. I’ve been cocooned, tied up, gagged, had handcuffs used on me and more.

I’ve also been strangled by a “boyfriend” who was “into” bdsm. And I’ve had loving doms work me through my trauma to a place where I could trust again.

And I had a dom hold me while I cried cause the nerves in my lower back were that badly damaged that I couldn’t feel him touching me anywhere – inside, my lower lips, my clit, my thighs… everything was numb.

She wanted to meet people and learn about bdsm. Well, by blocking me, she won’t learn about any of the mental aspects of bdsm. About how my Hims has been able to make me orgasm with long distance energy play. Or how his eyes flashed with joy when he realized the sound of a flogger was a wonderful trigger for me.

She has lost one thing in particular: the ability to learn a huge secret about BDSM.

Shall I tell it to you?

BDSM is also in the mind. It doesn’t matter if you use silly cartoon avatars, or written words in a book, or words spoken with hushed tones in your ear. BDSM isn’t just “can I have a whipping, sir?” It’s what goes on between your ears too.

Unfortunately for that one, the space between her ears is full of echos.

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