Originally written back in the summer, I have no clue why it never got published anywhere.  Maybe it is, and I've misplaced it. Anyway... Early on, Spitfire and I were talking... “I want you to write about your submissive needs,” domlyskirts tells me over several days. I’m not putting words in her mouth, I’m writing … Continue reading Needs

The Viper is Flown From the Seated Position

Spitfire has a grumbly Kittlen on their hands. Why am I grumbly? A couple of reasons: 1:  Severe case of vertigo. 2: Too sick to DJ 4/5 sets this past week 3: Feeling ganged up on 4: Spitfire has to work Okay… let’s attack these one at a time.  First up: Spitfire working. Them’s gotta … Continue reading The Viper is Flown From the Seated Position