Bed of Roses

I found this one sim, and it was beautiful. It had places to wander around in and hide and more, and it was full of flowers, oh so full of flowers, that I was in love. I had to lie down on a bed of roses. The OMGosh thing that happened, though, was that I … Continue reading Bed of Roses

Scifi Con

I should have posted about this well over a week ago, but WOW what a RUSH! The World Wide Whip was the OFFICIAL radio station of the 2019 Scifi Con in SL. We did our Blue Man Group on Saturday (nope, no pictures) and more. It was pretty epic. I should have taken more pictures, … Continue reading Scifi Con

Minuette 01

A little twiddle I am working on. Just a tidbit to tease. Monday It starts during the first meeting, in the private hotel rooms... “I see your pet is here, Phoenix,” I felt my master stiffen behind me.  His hand left my breast and rested on my hip. This new voice was familiar and sent … Continue reading Minuette 01