My Elf

Little victories have been happening in my life. Far too many to even begin listing off here.

I’ve been given more responsibility at work for one. I’m waiting to be told that I can train other new drivers. Being able to touch the Pacific two weeks ago, and again last week, was beautiful to me. I have never seen a place as beautiful as where I was.

I get to go back to it whenever I’m given that route again. Of the 12 deliveries I was doing that day, I made 11 of them. The 12th, I was a smidge late getting back into town, but it was expected, because one of the other deliveries I was doing had me going way way way way out into boonie land. I was on a dirt road for the last 5 kms and had to slow down. If it had been a paved road, I would have made 12/12.

I love being able to go and do the long distance routes. It’s almost peaceful, and a place where I can get some much needed therapy. I’ve always loved going for long walks and, even though walking is getting easier for me, being able to go on these longer runs is freeing.

It feels like I am flying or on a horse during some of the passes I go through. The scenery is so beautiful and I love it!

So the boss has taken notice and he’s pleased with me. I’ve told them so long as I have the gas to make the return trip, I will go anywhere.

I’m saddened that we have lost two drivers – one because an accident has messed with their head so much that they need months of therapy to get over what happened, if they ever are able to. Another quit because they couldn’t handle to stress. Two others can’t work – one because they don’t have a car, and the other because they can’t do the physical part of the work. Those two have teamed up to work together – one drives, one does all the physical stuff. Others have left because of health reasons, and one will be going on parental leave soon. We need drivers. So, I’m stepping up all I can. The only thing that is really stopping me is my health limits and my gas budget.

This is where I mention that I have a libre sensor in my arm and, although I love that I am no longer having to prick my fingertips with a damn needle all the time, I wish it was more accurate, and that “alternative sites” were valid sites for it. I also wish that the government covered it for all diabetics and people with other sugar issues. It’s looking like I’m falling into the “other sugar issues not related to diabetes,” because that’s what the sensor is showing.

The bosses at the Whip have also taken notice on how much I’ve grown.

About the Whip: It’s our tenth anniversary, and we’ve been so busy, we forgot about it, so when I reach my 2nd anniversary of being one of their broadcasters and staff, we’re going to be having a major party as part of it. A new logo – or several – gifts to give out and more.

We’ve already switched to our new stream, and I’m loving it. I’m doing readings for “Quarry of Gor” at about 11pm on Sunday nights.

I’ve found a solid mentor in one of the other broadcasters and I am honoured to know him in so many different ways. He’s seen me grow and change in the last year, and saw where I was needing just a little bit of emotional support to get me through some of the worst of the past year.

My only advice is that if you can’t shine and love what you do, why do you do it? I love driving. I love to bring music to an event, even if I don’t get paid for it. After all, my patron has told me that I don’t need to play for pay, but that I can now play for passion and concentrate on what I love.

I am Free now.

Free from all the limits imposed upon me when I was a wife.

I still have to parent the children, but I am far freer to be me.

I might stumble a bit, but I am flying!

Içi DJ io sur Radio Fouétte Mondiale!

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