There once was a Bunny and a Duck

Easter weekend, and the galleria is pretty quiet.  I’m snuggling with a new drone, Angel, and with Anastazia, a repeat visitor of the galleria.  Spitfire and I had an intense discussion while I was djing.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to voice, but it was still deep, emotional, and more.  She had been sent to bed a couple of hours earlier, and I was in a good mood, snuggling with two, when the conversation took a side trip, because there once was a bunny and a duck.

I’m not the first person to speak about the bunny and the duck, and I hope I won’t be the last one.  No, not Bugs Bunny and Daffy, but the Bunny and the Duck.

Note: all user names have been removed…

Angel: Easter…..A classification of Coney….that have uncanny abilities to deliver eggs of varied spectrum, or so it is believed in the median cultures of the world.  Also…supposed by the Fabled – Cadbury – To possess limitless amounts of the aphrodisiac food known as “Chocolate”

Kittlen starts to articulate a story… “There once was a bunny and a duck….”

Angel murrs sweetly as she cuddles in to listen to her Princess’s story.

Kittlen continues, speaking slowly, “it’s an old story about how two creatures, two strangers, who had nothing in common, became friends, and more, and how others noticed their friendship, and everything they touched became better with the touching.

“The bunny was quiet, like all bunnies were. During the sessions when all the forest creatures would get together to listen to the bunny’s wisdom, they had to strain to hear her. Her voice was so soft, a breeze through the trees was louder.

“Then there was the duck, who stood at the bunny’s side. Where she was quiet, he was commanding. Where she was patience, he was fire. When he was ranting, she would make sure he re-wrote the letters he was about to send many many many times, until it was fit to be sent.”

Angel delights deeply in the intonations of the story being told by Princess Kittlen, dreaming about Bunnies and Ducks, and about the possible connotations between them.

“The bunny, with a single nod, could call upon thousands of forest creatures to take her banner and fight to keep the forest safe from invaders. The duck would lead them. The bunny, with all the other bunnies and creatures that couldn’t fight, would make sure the ones hat could had armor and more.”

Angel is quite delighted by the story being told, especially never having heard it before, at least in current memory.

Kittlen smiled, letting her voice sooth, “where the duck fought, the bunny mended wounds. Where the duck lead, the bunny healed. Together, not a single creature could stop those that the bunny and duck their leaders.

“Then, one day, as with all things, the duck realized it was time for him to make a new path for the bunny. ‘I’m not ready for you to leave,’ said the bunny, to her much loved duck.

“‘I’m not ready to go either, but someone has to make sure the nests are ready where I am going.'”

Angel, fascinated by the morality of the story so far, loving the presence of her Princess as well, so close nearby.

“And, finally, one night, the duck left. And all the forest creatures cried. For many years, the bunny kept on doing what the bunny did best and lead their people, but with new creatures leading in her name.

“Until it was the bunny’s turn. The duck came one night, and told her it was time for her to join him. ‘I can’t leave my people,’ she said.

“‘They’ll do fine,’ he said.

“And so, the bunny slipped her paw into the ducks hand, and walked off with him.”

Angel gently massages the elegant dress of her Princess, lightly tracing gentle fingers over the sides and smooth left hip in turn as well.

“When their people, all the creatures of the forest realized that the bunny, too, was gone, they cried. And weeped, and wailed. Until one of the youngest mice pointed up to the sky. ‘Look there,’ she cried, ‘it’s the bunny and the duck – they’re in the Stars!’

“And all the creatures of the forest looked

“And all the creatures of the forest saw

“That there would always be a bunny and a duck.”

Kittlen finished her story and spoke once more, “and that’s one of the stories of the Bunny and The Duck.”

Angel pipped up, “such a charming story, Your Highness. Where did You end up learning it? Is this spirit of Easter that was infused into Your memory?”

Kittlen smiled, a memory of two people smiling back, “well, see… there once was a bunny and a duck….”

Queen’s doll claps muffled rubber claps, speaking through a rubber mask, “wonderful story.”

Angel giggles softly, wondering if there would be a celestial divination into the further reaches of such a tale.

There once was a bunny and a duck.  Two people who meant the world to a lot of others. She saw the good in those that society cast out, and gave them hope that if she saw something, maybe there was good in them.  He inspired by how much he loved her, and lead from the front, not the back. Those that know the story will smile and nod.  Those that don’t, maybe in the reading, they’ll keep on telling the story of the Bunny and the Duck.

Irony is that Anastazia told me afterwards that the story was putting her to sleep. I guess that’s a good thing, because she logged shortly afterwards, and I fell asleep at my desk too. Oops.

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